Leading Dimensions Profiling

We exist to produce the very best resources

Dimensions Profiling is a research and development initiative who’s purpose is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of coaching, personal development and recruitment around the world.

Built on a lifetime of passion and research, and nearly a decade of global surveying and 10,000's of data points we have amassed one of the strongest databases for research and predictive analytics in the industry.

We continually collaborate with our distributors and end clients and seek to adopt their suggestions and inspirational ideas from around the world.

We will continue to innovate and iterate to set new standards in reliable and innovative best practice to psychometric profiling. Join us to improve communication, personal development and productivity around the world.

Our Focus is R&D and utility for our users

You’ll notice that you can buy direct from this website, as it says on the buy direct page, if you’re using the LDP as a once off or for personal interest we welcome your purchase here, however, if you’re using the LDP in any work context we recommend going through our distributors, they are certified in LDP, and ensure you get a btter outcome at a lower price.

So while we set the pricing model (which means you get more for your money with LDP than other tools), we focus on R&D and let our distributors focus on supporting the network of users in the purchasing, useage and adoption of LDP.

We would love your input and experience using our tools, and we’ll work with you to implement your suggestions (where we can). General customer support is best requested from our distributors, so please reach out to them for purchasing, and implementation support.