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LDP Pricing structure is different

Designed-to-be-used. Because our focus is on giving you utility the pricing model we have set for our distributors is different from the normal industry approach.

Usually when you pay to use a survey you’ll get 1 (or a very limited number) of tools. So you need to pay more each time you want to 'do' something else.

Our goal is to help you be more productive, so when you purchase LDP you receive all of LDP, not just some features or tools

The LDP profile is USD$149 for a 1-4 uses, or USD$99 when you buy 5-10 at a time, contact our Distributors for larger volume purchases, and local currency rates.

LDP purchases receive the following 14 profiles for the single price (all of which are available instantly):
Profiles for Personal Development
  • Personal Style Profile (rev. 2016)
  • Communication Style (rev. 2017)
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient (rev. 2016)
  • LDP Dimension Summary (rev. 2016)
  • The Personal Interview Coach
Tools for Leadership Development
  • Leading Interactions Summary (rev. 2016)
  • Leading Interactions Summary w/ Training Recommendations (rev. 2016)
  • Leading Profile - Generic (rev. 2016)
  • Leading Profile - Style Specific (rev. 2016)
Sales Development and Coaching
  • Sales Profile (rev. 2016)
Recruitment Tools
  • Position Profile (rev. 2016) (match to many roles, or have the role you are recruiting for defined)
Purchases of 2 (or more) uses also receive the following 4 Team Insights reports included in the single purchase price:
Team Development
  • Participant Styles Overview (rev. 2016)
  • Sales Development Companion
  • Leadership Development Companion
  • The Trainer's Companion (rev. 2016)