How many people can you REACH?

For communication to be productive and effective, we need our message to be received as intended. Since we are all different, and perceive the world in different ways, the most effective people are those who can adapt their approach to reach people by using a different approach to their own.

Research shows that a larger ReAch Radius has a direct correlation to better performance in just about every role and aspect of our lives.

Your ReAch Radius Matters

The size of a person's ReAch radius reliably predicts workplace performance

Improve performance of your entire team

A meta-analysis of employer-provided performance data (including both objective measures and subjective ratings) explored the link between ReAch and a variety of job performance outcomes.

Employees with greater ReAch radius earned significantly higher performance ratings in different roles and industries:

  • Leadership capacity
  • Call center responsiveness
  • Financial services/insurance sales
  • Recruitment & contractor sales

& a larger ReAch Radius is directly correlated to Managerial effectiveness including:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Recruiting
  • Team Building
  • Training/Developing Staff
  • Loss Prevention
  • Manager-employee Communication

Multi-rater (360-degree) Feedback across multiple employers and organisations found
That managers with greater ReAch earned significantly higher ratings on:

  • Overall performance (average peer ratings)
  • Overall performance (average direct report ratings)
  • Creativity (peer ratings)
  • Decisiveness (peer ratings)
  • Adaptability (peer ratings)
  • Stress Tolerance (peer ratings)
  • Performance Orientation (direct report ratings)

Leaders with larger ReAch radius feel more confident in their own ability

In Global Leadership Competency Framework self ratings, participants with greater ReAch reported significantly higher comfort levels including:

Engaging the team

  • Building resiliency
  • Encouraging optimism
  • Identifying personal needs
  • Mentoring followers
  • Recognizing effort

Creating synergy

  • Easing tensions
  • Encouraging participation
  • Integrating diverse perspectives

Maintaining cohesion

  • Rallying others
  • Promoting community
  • Assimilating members
  • Building rapport
  • Cultivating team spirit

Managing the process

  • Adjusting course
  • Adapting structure
  • Gaining consensus
  • Managing transitions

Evaluating contributions

  • Appraising performance
  • Enforcing rules
  • Establishing expectations

Maintaining stability

  • Aligning resources/needs
  • Exercising authority

In other contexts:


People with greater Reach are significantly more likely to address conflict by leveraging Problem-Solving, rather than avoidance or yielding.

People with greater Reach are more optimistic

Based on the Learned Optimism Test (adapted from Dr. Martin Seligman) participants with greater ReAch showed significantly higher:

  • Overall optimism ("total good")
  • Optimism (permanence)

The results are clear, with a larger ReAch Radius, you perform more strongly against role metrics, are viewed as a more effective leader, and are more confident in your leadership abilities.

Your ReAch Radius matters - what's yours?