In an industry first we can visually show your adaptability, and help you see it grow over time.

We call it your ReAch Radius - it shows how far you can reach into other personality types to adapt your approach in day to day scenarios.

With ongoing professional development, people can grow their reach and become increasingly adaptable and be able to reach (effectively communicate) with more people in more situations.


We have built the ReAch radius into a range of specialised tools to help guide and measure the impact of professional development.

The LDP is the only psychometric tool of its type to be able to reliably give a visual portrayal of a person's personal development over time.


Because our tools are simple and effective, people enjoy using them, and then enjoy watching the productivity of their teams improve.

In this example we created a customised LDP Position Profile for an automotive industry client before they hired an intake of sales people.

The people hired using LDP were so much more productive that the tool "paid for itself by lunchtime" on the second day of the new starters.

A customised LDP Position Profile is a tool that matches candidates personality profiles to those of the highest performing team members.

In this case - this client sought to hire more people who were likely to perform similarly to their highest performing, longer tenured sales people.

During the recruitment process people are identified as either 'Strong Match', 'Moderate Match' or 'Weak Match'.

The people who were hired and identified as a 'strong match' according to the profile achieved:

- 77% higher sales per person vs moderate match

- Longer tenure; 94% of 'Strong match' people made it beyond 6 months, while only 63% of 'moderate match' stayed in the job for 6 months

Match (75% +)
Match (50- 75%)
Difference Percent
Monthly Sales
$10,673.12 $6.046.97 $4,626.15 77%
Terminated 4 out of 17
(24% of Strong Match)
18 out of 30
(60% of Strong Match)
Survived 6
16 out of 17
(94% of Strong Match)
19 out of 30
(63% of Moderate Match)
Stars 6 out of 17
(35% of Strong Match)
3 out of 30
(10% of Moderate Match)

Learn more about our research and validation here