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Leadership Teams

Leadership Development Companion

A remarkable Leadership Development Tool that helps your leadership cohort recognise the strengths and opportunities they have as a team. And to understand how their balance or skew as a team is likely to affect key stewardship and governance of the organisation.

  • Make decisions about delegating for better balance
  • Make strategically targeted professional development decisions
  • Learn how to adapt their style for better impact

Leadership Development Companion


Because when leadership teams develop... their teams grow

Visually identify and discuss the leadership style markers of the leadership cohort.


Explore the natural tendencies of each individual leader across the core leadership functions:

  • Managing
  • Forming Teams
  • Connecting and cultivating teams
  • Navigating and providing vision
  • Growing and developing individuals
Decide as a team to:
  • Do

    What are my strengths?

    (those things we do consistently, do well and enjoy)

  • Develop

    What are the leadership activities and interactions we should develop our skill and comfort levels in??

    (those things we believe are important we improve and own as we become more well rounded and adaptable leaders)

  • Delegate

    What are the Leadership Activities and interactions we should delegate?

    (those things we do inconsistently, or perform to a standard that is counter-productive)

Individual Leaders


This remarkable tool provides the following insightful and action-rich personalised coaching points :

Leading Profile


Personal Leadership Development Tool

Because when leaders develop... their teams grow

Part 1 - High Level - your style, others styles, and how to influence them
  • About you - your Primary Leading Profile Matrix and Leadership Style
  • Recognising all Personality Profiles
  • Influencing other Personality Profiles

Practical tips on how to more effectively engage, lead and influence the primary personality types in your team.

Part 2 - Deep Dive your leadership profile in detail
  • Intensity
  • Assertiveness
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Adaptability
  • Decision-making
  • Affiliation
  • Consideration

This section provides detailed information regarding the specific dimensions that make up your primary Leading Profile.

The tool provides insights for each of the major leadership activities most importantly useful practical insights around.

Leveraging your style - Make the Most of Your Style

Part 3 - Leading Interaction Scores

A fresh and different way to look at your strengths and development opportunities - as a leader, the Leading Interactions table provides a simple and clean way to target coaching, and self awareness - once again, aiding in the Do, Delegate, Develop perspective.


    Managing Interactions

    Approaching Complex Issues:

    • Breaking down problems into simplified elements
    • Identifying steps toward a workable solution

    Controlling Processes:

    • Maintaining work flow to meet operational needs
    • Recognising and addressing potential disruptions

    Enforcing Operational Norms:

    • Keeping compliance within the team’s operations
    • Aligning individual behaviour with applicable guidelines
Part 4 - A summary of your leadership profile.

This section includes Potential Derailers, and tips on easing tension among team members and other great points to help the leadership development coaching process.