ldp sales team personality profiling

Are you a sales manager?

Would you like to help your sales team to perform better?

Here are tools to help you

We mapped the personality DNA of the most successful sales professionals


Tools to help sales managers with:

Coaching, Development and Specialisation
  • Target your training for greatest impact
  • Play to your team members' strengths
  • Implement peer to peer coaching
  • Recruit to fill gaps in your team's natural strengths

Selling Profile for Individuals


The Selling Profile provides a coaching tool that describes each person's natural tendencies at each stage of the sales cycle.

To improve performance immediately, focus on the parts of the Potential Strengths.

These parts of the sales process they:

  • Do naturally
  • Enjoy doing
  • Will excel at with extra training & product knowledge

To improve performance over time, focus on the Development Points.

These parts of the sales process they:

  • Feel less natural doing
  • Avoid or spend less time doing
  • Become more effective and comfortable doing with training and coaching

Development Companion for Teams

The Sales Development Companion clearly shows the natural strengths of your team overall and as individuals.

To improve performance immediately, specialise your team members into each person's natural strengths, even consider peer-to-peer coaching.

To improve performance over time, focus on the Development Points for individuals or the team overall with targeted training and recruitment to fill gaps.


When using this tool for coaching, it's amazing to watch the seasoned skeptical "I've seen it all before" sales professionals end up saying "I'm surprised, I agree with just about all of it!"

LDP can help you hire top performers more often

Recruitment and Selection of Sales People

When recruiting sales people would you like to:
  • See how closely they match your ideal candidate in a one page snapshot?
  • Know how closely your applicant matches the profile of the world's highest-performing sales people?
  • Create a scorecard for your own company's unique ideal sales professional - and recruit to that?

The Position Profile provides all of that in a simple, visual, one page report.

This is the perfect recruitment and selection aid - backed up by research and statistics globally.

Start today - save your time, achieve better results, it's amazingly cost effective.

Key Benefits

When used in recruitment, the LDP suite of tools has the following advantages :

  • Hire better performing sales people more often (statistically proven, try it for yourself).
  • Not arduous for applicants (96 questions, mobile friendly ~10-12 minutes to complete)
  • Both simple and in depth reports
  • Simple to administer and use
  • With your company logo
  • Customisable reports - visually match an applicant to the profile you are seeking
  • Cost effective
  • Robust academic rigour with extensive norming and worldwide usage
  • Profiles can be generated for other purposes such as team building, sales and leadership development - all from the single use cost
  • Customisable survey, ask other pre screening questions in the single survey "Do you have a current, valid drivers licence?"
  • A pre-existing range of validated surveys e.g. How closely does the applicant match the profile of the highest performing GM's?
  • Specialised Sales Profile - does the applicant match the personality DNA of the highest-performing sales people?
  • Does this applicant match the profile of my other high performing people?
  • Specialised Leadership Profile - does the applicant match the Leadership Profile we need?
  • Does this applicant match the profiles of my other high-performing people?