Tailored to your Organisation

Personal Profiles are exactly that; personal. When you want profiling tools that meet your needs, there's a range of ways we can customise the tools to suit your specific organisation, role and needs.


Your reports will be branded with your own corporate logo - at no cost.

Position Profiles

When you're looking to match a person to a specific role, we can work with you by profiling your current team, and scientifically matching and identifying the personality profile of your highest performing (including all the metrics that you specify like length of service, feedback scores, or anything that is important to you) people, so when you're short listing applicants you can identify the ones who are statistically more likely to be your star performers.

We supply our profiling tools across the world via our global distributors. The standard rates or this service is USD$199 per hour, usually around 15 hours or USD$2985, which is a small investment to hire more efficiently and more effectively (fewer interviews, faster screening, etc.). This statistically proven process helps you hire better performers who stay with your organisation longer.

Benchmark your sales team against the personality type of the world's best

When you run the Sales Development Companion, we show you the variance of your team members (and your team overall) against the personality types of the world's best sales people.

A mis-match doesn't mean your team can't perform as one of the world's best, but it means different parts of the sales cycle are their natural strengths, and the other steps will require additional focus, discipline or development to step outside their natural comfort zone.

How does your team stack up against the best?

Succession Planning - which part of the bell curve are your leaders on?

When you run the Leading Style Profile for your leaders, they get to see how close they are, in style, to leaders with similar profiles. We can help you identify the subtle differences between your effective and inspiring leaders, and develop the profiles of those people you can identify in the business as preferred leader types, allowing you to achieve the most seamless and effective succession planning.

When you are working with personal styles, LDP can help you by making it personal and unique to the DNA of your organisation.

Leading Dimension: Risk Tolerance

This dimension describes how you approach uncertain or risky situations. Some people seem to be natural risk takers, while others tend to be more cautious and careful. Most of us tend to fluctuate somewhere between avoiding and taking risks; depending on the situation.

Are you a major corporation with enough people to do an industry study?

If you have enough people to develop a profile of people suited to a particular role in your industry, maybe you are a major telecommunication company, insurance company or transport company, with many 100's or 1000's of people in a particular role, we can assist you to develop the profile for the type of person who is most likely going to be a high performing and longer tenured employee in your industry.

For example, what personality type is the highest performing call centre operator in your industry?

We offer 2 x research Grants each year to conduct major industry studies and provide you and your organisation with a leadership position in recruiting talent for key roles.